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Richmond - UC Berkeley

Real-time Station Operational Status

H35 Status: N/A
H70 Status: ONLINE
Last Updated: 11/25/15 11:58am
*H35 = 35 MPa or 5,000 PSI
*H70 = 70 MPa or 10,000 PSI

Station Information

Address: 1301 South 46th St , Richmond, CA, 94804 (Map)
GPS: 37.915171, -122.332935 (Map)

Involved organizations: ITS UC Berkeley, Toyota, Powertech


Tim Lipman

This hydrogen fueling facility at the Richmond Field Station in Richmond California was built by the University of California - Berkeley and Toyota to support testing of fuel cell research vehicles and became operational in April 2011. The station dispenses hydrogen at up to 700 bar (10,000 psi) with pre-cooling for faster fill times. Hydrogen is delivered and stored in a tube trailer prior to being compressed and dispensed. The station stores about 375 kilograms in total and can dispense up to 24 kilograms of hydrogen per day.