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Running on Empty?

Taxis at John Wayne Airport run on natural gas. Several years ago, CaFCP staff were chatting with a taxi driver who told us about going from natural gas station to station one evening, only to find each one either closed, out of fuel or off-line. He ran out of fuel and had to leave his car at the station overnight.

That taxi driver inspired SOSS—which stands for Station Operational Status System. SOSS (pronounced “sauce”) is a mobile web application that provides status information about each of the available hydrogen stations in California and NREL’s station in Golden, Colorado. Every few minutes, each station sends a message to CaFCP’s server to report the status (online or offline), available fuel and available pressures. It also provides the station address, contact number and GPS coordinates. FCV drivers can sign up for SMS updates to get an automatic message when the station status changes.

Initially, the only people using SOSS were CaFCP staff. Word spread, though, and about half of the people leasing FCVs in Southern California are now checking online before heading out to fuel. Those that do use it are very happy with the application.

All new stations under development and construction will be on SOSS.

Check out SOSS by going to your mobile phone's web application.