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Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt Named 2010 Chair of the California Fuel Cell Partnership

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sacramento, Calif. — The California Fuel Cell Partnership announced that Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt, Chief Executive Officer, Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation has been appointed 2010 Steering Team Chair.

The CaFCP Steering Team chair position changes every year, rotating through the four categories of partners: auto manufacturers, energy providers, fuel cell technology companies and government agencies. The vice chair becomes the chair the following year.

Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt is Chief Executive Officer for AFCC and responsible for driving the commercialization of the company's fuel cell activities. Previously, Dr. Truckenbrodt was responsible for the DaimlerChrysler Hybrid Development Center following a number of high-level executive positions within DaimlerChrysler including the head of the company's Fuel Cell and Alternative Powertrain Vehicles. Dr. Truckenbrodt has also worked with Ballard Power Systems, Daewoo and BMW following his studies in Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, and receipt of his PhD in Mechanics and Control Systems in 1981.

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