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California Fuel Cell Partnership Welcomes Air Liquide and Ballard Power Systems as a New Members

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sacramento, Calif. — The California Fuel Cell Partnership announced that Air Liquide and Ballard Power Systems have joined CaFCP as associate members.

Air Liquide is present across the entire hydrogen energy chain (production, distribution, high-pressure storage, fuel cells and hydrogen filling stations). Over the last four years, Air Liquide has designed, built and commissioned a growing number of hydrogen filling stations. Around 50 Air Liquide stations have been installed throughout the world to date. In 2010, Air Liquide provided more than 40,000 hydrogen fills. Most recently, Air Liquide providing the fueling for all the hydrogen powered vehicles that participated in Michelin Challenge Bibendum.

Ballard Power Systems provides clean energy fuel cell products enabling optimized power systems for a range of applications, including fuel cell stacks used in transit buses. Ballard has long participated in the fuel cell bus team. The company's material products division received a 2011 Annual Merit Review Award from the U.S. Department of Energy in recognition of Ballard's success in reducing manufacturing cost of gas diffusion layer material, a crucial step in reducing fuel cell costs.

“As hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are nearing commercial market entry, it’s crucial that customers find the value of the vehicle be equal or better than the vehicles they drive today,” said Catherine Dunwoody, Executive Director of CaFCP. “That includes convenient fueling, and cost-competitive passenger vehicles and transit buses. The expertise of our new members help to ensure fuel cell vehicle meet customer expectations.”

About CaFCP
CaFCP is a public-private collaboration of organizations including auto manufacturers, energy providers, fuel cell technology companies and government agencies working together to promote the commercialization of fuel cell vehicles. Hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle technology are a central part of a long-term strategy for air quality, climate protection and energy diversity.

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