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Nissan’s environmental philosophy is encapsulated in the phrase “symbiosis of people, vehicles and nature.” This expresses our ideal picture of a sustainable mobile society. To contribute to the creation of this society, we are aiming to become a “sincere eco-innovator.”

For the future of our planet and generations to come, we are doing everything we can to help our natural environment, by reducing environmental impact in real world terms and providing customers with innovative products that contribute to the development of a sustainable mobile society. Nissan provides vehicles that are attractive to a wide range of customers while advancing the development of low environmental impact, zero-emission vehicles, such as electric and fuel cell vehicles. Renault and Nissan place the introduction and widespread marketing of electric-powered vehicles with zero emissions at the center of their Alliance strategy, and in its medium-term business plan, Nissan GT 2012, Nissan has committed to becoming the leader in zero-emission vehicles.