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Hyundai Motor Company strives to be a leader in the era of clean, hydrogen-based energy. The company is developing technology that brings automobiles and nature together to promote a healthier environment. This effort can be seen in the Hyundai Fuel Cell Vehicle Development Program. Up to 1,000 Hyundai Tucson will be placed on the global market in the next three years. These latest generation vehicles enjoy enhanced range, improved efficiency and they can operate in almost any climate. Research and development of Hyundai fuel cell vehicles takes place at Hyundai’s Eco-Technology Research Institute in Mabuk, Korea. Road testing in the US takes place at the Hyundai Motor Group Technical Center in Chino, Calif., the Hyundai Motor group proving grounds in California City, CA,  the California Fuel Cell Partnership headquarters in Sacramento and through Hyundai’s fleet partners.