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California Energy Commission

The California Energy Commission is a founding member of the California Fuel Cell Partnership and is heading up the fuel cell bus demonstration that will place non-polluting buses into transit service around the state. Goals of the Energy Commission include promoting alternative fuels to reduce petroleum dependence and researching alternative forms of energy such as solar, wind, hydrogen and fuel cells. In particular, the Energy Commission's goals in the transportation sector focus on encouraging the use of non-petroleum fuels and improving motor vehicle efficiency. The Energy Commission promotes these goals by: providing funding to support hydrogen fuel infrastructure demonstration; funding studies that can provide guidance for planning, designing, siting, permitting, and procuring facilities to refuel hydrogen-fueled vehicles; exploring the path to fuel cell commercialization, from identifying potential problems associated with codes and standards, siting, safety, infrastructure, and fuel choice to developing solutions to these problems; and increasing public awareness and enhancing public opinion about fuel cell electric vehicles and hydrogen to prepare the market for commercialization.