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Ballard Power Systems

Ballard Power Systems, Inc. is a global leader in PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell technology. We provide clean energy fuel cell products enabling optimized power systems for a range of applications. Ballard offers smarter solutions for a clean energy future. 

We are actively putting fuel cells to work in high-value commercial uses every day. In fact, Ballard has designed and shipped close to 150 MW of hydrogen fuel cell technology to date. 

Current Business Focus
Ballard has a multi-market growth focus in fuel cell products. This drives greater revenue and margin potential, while lowering risk for all stakeholders. Fuel cell applications are expected to broaden in the mid-term, although our focus today remains sharply on commercial opportunities in backup power, distributed generation, material handling and bus applications. 

Backup Power - Fuel cells provide a highly reliable and cost-competitive power source for backup power in wireless telecom networks worldwide. 

Distributed Generation – Fuel cells can take advantage of low-cost hydrogen streams from chemical and bio-gas production to generate power locally for onsite use or sale back to the grid.  

Material Handling - Fuel cell-powered material handling equipment improves productivity in high-throughput warehouses and distribution centers, creating a compelling return on investment.

Bus - Fuel cell buses are clean vehicles, emitting no greenhouse gasA gas in Earth's atmosphere that traps heat and can contribute to global warming. Carbon dioxide and methane are two GHGs. or particulates matters and operate to the highest standards from the perspective of drivers, passengers and transit agencies.

Engineering Services - A high-value way for companies to accelerate their fuel cell development efforts. Our fuel cell science, engineering and manufacturing skill sets are unsurpassed in the marketplace.