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Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation

Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation, Corp. (AFCC) is a privately held company that will focus on automotive fuel cell technology. AFCC’s goal is to make fuel cells a reliable, affordable, mainstream automotive propulsion technology.

The company was formed on February 1, 2008 by transferring Ballard Power Systems’ automotive fuel cell research and development operations to the new venture. Ballard provided employees of its research and development divisions as well as all the intellectual property and expertise relating to automotive fuel cell applications to the new company. Daimler takes over the industrial leadership of AFCC with its 50.1-percent stake. Ford holds 30 percent of the stake and Ballard becomes finance investor of AFCC.

AFCC is located in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada where it employs approximately 150 people. The company is headed by Dr. Andreas Truckenbrodt.

AFCC is the centre of excellence for fuel cell stack research and development for Daimler and Ford and coordinates all fuel cell research and development efforts within AFCC, Daimler and Ford. AFCC owns and operates 34 test stands within the Ballard Glenlyon test lab.

AFCC’s business scope is to provide fuel cell stacks for automotive applications (i.e. fuel cell propulsion systems for cars, buses, vans and trucks), including research and development, design, manufacturing, distributing, marketing, selling and service.